Víctor Monge SERRANITO


His work

Serranito is one of the most prize - winning and awarded in the history of flamenco. He is the author of 18 records and numerous concerts.

His success and universal recognition is undoubted. This is proved by his performances in the International Festival of Guitar in the Maison de la Culture in France; in the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, and in some places in Japan, the U.S.A., Australia, Russia and all the countries in Europe.

Besides the awards already mentioned, there are others as we can see in the following list::

On 14th January 2004 he co - operated with a Charity Festival in favour of the integration of the disabled next to a series of prestigious artists with a completely new song, which will be recorded with the name “Puedes llegar” later on. This work contains all the collaborations at that event.




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